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Installation of crystal and glass flooring for your home

Glass floors are becoming more and more common, since in different places, such as offices or museums, they are seen with more frequency. The main advantage of this type of walkable glass flooring is that it gives spaciousness to the places where it is installed. In addition, it stands out for its elegance and the current and renewed feeling that it gives to any atmosphere.

Installing glass floors is a job that only qualified professionals, such as our team in Philadelphia Flooring Solutions, can perform, as safety must be the priority.

We are talking about crystal and glass floors where practically every day there will be people walking on this glass, so the installation and security must be perfect.

New trends look for light, minimalism and elegance

Glass floors are increasingly getting the eye of the most exquisite, given the great increase in glass railings or glass stairs; it is the "new" discovery to use glass for everything possible, this being a durable, strong and easy to clean material.

This goes hand in hand with a particular taste for large spaces, the entry of natural light and wanting to wrap the environment in a minimalist space that makes an impression on whoever is part of it.

The floors today are a key element for decoration and more and more people are opting for floors that adapt to their needs. At Philadelphia Flooring Solutions, we offer a variety of materials for the renovation of your spaces and glass floors are no exception.

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Iconic places with glass floors

A tall toilet
In Mexico you can go to do 2 in a luxury penthouse located in a colonial building, where there is a bathroom installed on a translucent floor through which you can see 15 levels below. The space was originally intended for a second elevator, but in the end they decided to give it a special touch and created this famous toilet room.

A glass pool
Swimming toward a skyline made of buildings and clouds is possible in Houston, home to a stunning see-through pool perched atop the 152-meter-high Market Square Tower residential building. The pool is entirely made of glass.

The highest glass bridge in the world
Over the canyon of the Zhangjiajie Natural Park, in the Chinese province of Hunan and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, lies a bridge 300 meters high. Up to 800 people can cross at the same time through this bridge while they can watch the rugged mountains, or they can walk in panic.

The transparent slide in Los Angeles
If you are in Los Angeles and you are a lover of adventure and adrenaline, you cannot miss this terrifying and impressive experience. The OUE Skyspace LA, located in the US Bank Tower is a glass slide arranged on the outside of the tower, between the 69th and 70th floors. From this Los Angeles attraction, about 14 meters long and located about 300 meters high, you can see even the helipads located on top of other skyscrapers.
Luxury carpet in Philadelphia, PA from Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

A touch of luxury

Walkable Glass floors are mostly requested for houses with several floors or duplexes, what you want to achieve is something different from any other normal home, being able to walk on a glass floor in your own house, see the lower floor without having to go down There are many sensations that we could only experience in shopping centers or large companies.

In addition, they are a totally different element from the usual and your home will undoubtedly have a touch of elegance and luxury like never before.

Glass floors, when installed by professionals, are extremely safe, they are made from a very resistant material which makes them easy to clean.

What we recommend is to keep them clean and above all, get used to it, since not all family members will feel confident... at first, but you can show them the iconic glass floors we mentioned above so they can feel confident enough to walk on them until it becomes a normal thing.

If you are thinking about installing them, you can come directly and review our materials, talk with the work team and ask all the questions you have, we will be happy to assist you and give your home life with a glass flooring installation.