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Important facts about carpet

Carpet flooring is an excellent choice for many rooms and has a wealth of benefits that you'll come to rely on, especially with small children in the home. It's lavishly soft, offers one of the widest varieties of décor matching possibilities, and provides an excellent lifespan when properly cared for and maintained. If you're looking for the perfect floor covering, this is a great place to start.

Here's what you should know about carpet

Of course, carpeting is most well-known for its extensive softness, but this characteristic depends on the fiber you choose. Longer, softer fibers like frieze and wool are perfect options, while shorter, coarser fibers are still soft but not as plush. The softness is an excellent choice for children's rooms, especially for toddlers and crawlers and welcoming areas and private rooms like studies and bedrooms.

Thanks to modern technology, this floor covering is now more durable than ever. Not only are fibers like nylon and polyester great for busy homes, but some manufacturers are building stain protection right into those fibers. That means stains are less likely to adhere, making them cleaner and easy to clean, both daily and professionally.

Finally, you'll want to speak with your flooring professional about your carpet installation. They'll let you know precisely how long the process will take, what you can do before the installation team arrives, and what you can expect during and after. We include precise measurements and estimates, so you're never left wondering what's going to happen next.

Once these floors are correctly installed, you can expect a lifespan that averages about 15 years with proper upkeep. We'll go over everything you need to know about your floor's care and maintenance. If you have any further questions, be sure to ask when you visit us.

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As you're browsing carpet stores in Philadelphia, PA, be sure to consider Philadelphia Flooring Solutions for all your flooring needs. Our top priority is ensuring that you have the perfect products for your requirements and budget, and we do that by making sure you have all the necessary information right from the start.

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