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Blog > Three things to know about tongue and groove hardwood flooring

Three things to know about tongue and groove hardwood flooring

Monday, February 21, 2022 6:16 AM

Tongue and groove hardwood flooring, also called T&G flooring, is available in solid and engineered hardwood. Both planks look the same in your home, but engineered wood flooring comprises a plywood base and a layer of hardwood.

Flooring specialists at Philadelphia Flooring Solutions offer the following information to get you started with your flooring project.

1. A tight, solid seam is created when choosing T & G flooring.

T&G flooring allows some movement between planks so that the floor can expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes. However, with its water-tolerant base, only engineered wood is installed in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or entryways.

Keep in mind that any wood flooring may become damaged if covered by water for an extended period.

2. T&G flooring has a unique composition.

Each tongue and groove plank has a protruding ridge or 'tongue' on one side and a concave slot or 'groove' on the opposite side. As a result, warping, shrinking, and loosening boards, problems associated with wood flooring, are less likely to occur with T&G flooring.

In addition, most brands come in random lengths, and when properly placed, the floor has a visually appealing look.

3. Installation is versatile.

Solid hardwood flooring is nailed down on the tongue side. Or, if using engineered wood, tongues and grooves are glued together with a wood adhesive to construct a floor that floats above the subfloor.

Since there is a slight gap between planks, the floor becomes water-tight when the proper finish is applied to seal the gaps.

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