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Blog > Flooring Installation at home: the best materials

Flooring Installation at home: the best materials

Monday, January 31, 2022 9:34 AM

Changing the floor of the house is one of the reforms that give the most satisfaction when renovating. If the time has come to change the interior floors of your home, you should know that there is a huge variety on the market to choose from, both in variety of materials to change the floor and in prices and qualities.

A new Flooring Installation can be done by us:

We are going to show you the best indoor floors with their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make a decision based on your own criteria, or your family's needs.

Our recommendations for installing flooring in your home

Ceramic floors

Ceramic floors are a classic in home interiors. There different ceramic tiles of very different qualities, and their formats, finishes and ways of laying are also very different , mostly because of trends, but if you do not want to renew every so often, the ideal is to go for ceramic floors of a neutral color and a classic format, for example square.

Marble floors

Marble floors are the most common stone floors in homes. They are highly appreciated, because marble is a noble stone with undeniable aesthetic qualities, unalterable over time.

Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors or hardwood floors are warm, inviting and have the inimitable benefits and aesthetics of natural materials, which is why they remain the material of choice when changing the floor in many home renovations.

The installation of the flooring has become one of the most common partial home renovations, as it allows a quick and clean renovation with much less hassle than parquet.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl floors are used to change the floor in quick renovations and give a special design touch to certain spaces in the house, since it exists in multiple designs and imitates other materials very well.


  • Ideal spaces: ceramic floors are the kings of kitchens and bathrooms, although they are also recommended in houses at street level, chalets, etc.
  • Advantages: these are very clean floors and easy to maintain. And as a plus, they have a good price.
  • Disadvantages: they are cold, and when the quality is not good, they scratch quickly and can break easily when heavy objects fall on them.
  • It is ideal: if you are looking for an elegant and exclusive floor that will last over time, marble is the material of choice. It is an ideal soil for hot climates such as summer, since it always keeps its coldness.
  • Advantages: beauty, resistance and chromatic richness are the distinguishing characteristics of marble. Being a natural stone, these floors are never the same.
  • Disadvantages: these are cold floors and need maintenance (polishing). They are delicate due to their high absorbency, so they have a tendency to stain, which does not make them ideal, for example, for kitchens. Marble floors require specific products for cleaning.
  • Ideal spaces: these are the choice on many floors, and in general for areas such as bedrooms, where we like to walk barefoot.
  • Advantages: hardwood floors protect from cold and heat on the space, comfortable and pleasant to the touch, and very hygienic, because they do not accumulate dust mites.
  • Disadvantages: these can be more expensive than floors made of other materials, and these need periodic maintenance (stabbing) and you need to be careful when you clean hardwood or any wooden floor, due to their high absorbency. Sometimes they do not withstand sudden changes in temperature well, although it depends a lot on whether a good installation has been made. In very dry environments, it is advisable to humidify the air to prevent the slats from separating.
  • Ideal spaces: it is a material advisable when you need to renovate a specific room in the house for example, your bedroom or the studio. It helps a lot if your budget is not too high.
  • Advantages: vinyl flooring isolates noise, is hypoallergenic and is easily installed on floors made of other materials. In kitchens and bathrooms, it resists humidity and liquid spills or stains very well.
  • Disadvantages: it is a plastic material, derived from petroleum, and it is not biodegradable, so many people may find it a disadvantage.

    In addition to these, we offer many other materials for the installation of your floors. In addition, we also have practical solutions and ideas for your spaces. We are close to you in Philadelphia.