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Blog > Combining the color of the floor and doors: How to do it?

Combining the color of the floor and doors: How to do it?

Monday, December 20, 2021 10:55 AM

Flooring is a fundamental part of the house and each of the stays, conditioning the environment and the combinations of colors that we can use over the years. Think of two essential elements throughout the house, as the floors and the doors. Combining the color of the floor and doors at home, at the office or wherever you want is an easy task, but it requires good attention to detail.

Many times these are components that seem to be independent of each other. But doors, windows, floors and walls, take an essential role when they are balanced in harmony to beautify your spaces... Although it might seem unimportant, the truth is that achieving a beautiful combination can bring peace, elegance and balance.

Choosing the colors of the floor is the first thing

This will be the first task to combine so that there is balance. Choosing the colors of the floor also depends on the material you want to install.

https://philadelphiaflooringso... here you can check all of our products, materials, diversity of colors and that will help you make the right choice.

Tip: It is not recommended a fabric pattern or a painted paper with drawings if the floors also have a similar pattern. Walls or smooth fabrics should be chosen in this case.

  • Dark colors create a serene and elegant atmosphere, reduce the proportions of the rooms and generate contrasts with walls, furniture and accessories highlighting their colors.
  • Instead, a clear color has, obviously, opposite effects: wide the environment and admits more game of contrasts in paintings, furniture and accessories.

Some paint tones flooring to combine

Beige floor: it is one of the best colors for the ground and can be accompanied with any tone in walls.

Brown floor: Recommended colors are soft gray, dried green, sand, white, ocher and overall all pastel tonalities.

Dark wood: very similar to the previous case, the white and the soft tonalities produce the best combinations.

Light wood: to create a fully bright atmosphere, light wooden floors next to white walls or soft neutral tones. It is perfect for painting walls in dark and vibrant tones.

Reddish wood: as always the neutral options are the most indicated, especially for intense tones.

Red floor: the recommended colors to combine with reddish tonalities are white and all variants of gray, from the clearest to the darkest.

White floor: white can create the effect of expanding the environments, as well as illuminate the room. You can use any color for walls, even very dark or too-intense colors.

Black floor: it is essential not to use dark tones so as not to visually decrease space, especially reduced sites or small apartments. You can highlight some wall in some gray tonality or any other color.

How to combine floors and doors?

Same color for floors and doors

In small spaces, the sensation of continuity can be very interesting. By getting continuity, nothing will undone or highlight above the other elements. In these environments, it is ideal that both the walls and the floors and the doors have a connection. This is achieved by looking for floors and doors in the same color.

White floors and doors

If there is a color that takes a lot in decoration, it is white. White doors are still today one of the most used in homes and offices. While it is true that white doors can give us free rein to place the type of floor we want, using white porcelain, white wood or other materials, it will make the light flood the interior. At the same time we can add color through other elements such as walls or furniture.

Come to our showroom, so you can check our flooring installation materials,, as well as consulting directly with our work team to advise you on prices and design.

We are in Philadelphia, very close to you and ready with a team specialized in flooring installations of all kinds.