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Blog > Service of vinyl floors for all types of spaces with Philly Floor Store: we answer some questions

Service of vinyl floors for all types of spaces with Philly Floor Store: we answer some questions

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 3:45 PM

If a floor covering is practical and durable, it is Vinyl Flooring; At Philly Floor Store we supply and install vinyl flooring for your home, apartment, offices, commercial premises, hospitals and any space you need to cover. We use colors, patterns and designs that resemble wood and other materials, with rectangular and square formats, or rolls, you have at your disposal a variety of options to dress your property with a beautiful and resistant material.

Our Philadelphia commercial Flooring suit appropriately to all kind of spaces, including: offices, shops, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, public spaces and houses or apartments. With vibrant colors and a variety of textures that will transform your ideas into projects in a simple, fast and clean way in cozy, elegant and durable spaces, this includes even walls and other areas.

Vinyl Flooring installation Philadelphia in different spaces

We offer a wide service, residential areas in this case are usually a fairly simple challenge but at the same time, it requires a good design touch, together with the other elements of those spaces to be able to offer not only a quality installation, but also an optimal design.

Like floors for residential spaces, vinyl adapts to all spaces and the office is no exception as they provide elegance at a low cost, imitating materials such as wood or marble.

These types of spaces are increasingly using vinyl as their first option when renovating or decorating. Vinyl offers strength, durability and maintenance does not require great efforts. They are perfect for busy spaces such as hospitals and they look great, they are also slip resistant and Philadelphia Commercial Flooring has good quality material and a certified installation process.

Shopping centers where the use of vinyl on their floors, also carpet tile, has been seen for some time.

Restaurants and schools, where they are an excellent option due to their resistance and durability.

Hotels and Supermarkets that are much visited places and require quality material that does not represent a high cost and difficult maintenance.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring in comparison to other materials:
In general, there are many, vinyl flooring has water resistance, has a wide variety of colors, shapes and finishes, good durability, resistant to blows or fractures, good noise insulation, easy installation, cleaning and maintenance; in some cases it can be applied over other coatings.

Why are these floors recommended for places with high traffic?

The answer is that one of the properties that vinyl flooring has is very resistant and behaves like a very noble material over time. You do not need to change it in a short time, it is not easily damaged and gives an elegant atmosphere to the spaces.

To install vinyl flooring is it necessary to demolish my old floors?

In many cases it is not necessary to demolish your old floors to install vinyl, so when you remodel using our vinyl floors you avoid dust and debris, and the high cost of other materials. 

How is the cleaning process?

Philly Floor Store vinyl floors do not require waxes and polishing machines, as damp mop and a neutral pH disinfectant will be enough to keep it clean. But, if you want to give it shine, you can use self-shine wax with a neutral pH.

We have professionals for your floor renovation project with the support and guarantee of Philadelphia Commercial Flooring:

Check our prices and make your budget. We cover different neighborhoods in Philadelphia, remember that we work Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm, at 1453 N. 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122, and we are Associated Members of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Philadelphia.

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  • Vinyl flooring for offices:
  • Installation of vinyl flooring for hospitals:
  • Other high-traffic and spacious spaces:
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  • Quick response to your requirements and questions.
  • Financing options to complete your project with us.
  • Our works are executed according to technical specifications, which ensure a correct result.