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If you are looking for waterproof flooring, we have them!

Your floors installed indoors must not only withstand the high traffic, but also a series of impacts, including contact with cleaning products, waxes and other liquids. In the case of wooden floors, wear can be even more visible, since the action of water can rapidly deteriorate their appearance and function, especially if the proper protection and maintenance measures are not taken. That is why a variety of materials have been created for the installation of waterproof floors, which can resist the wear of time, and even stains from liquids such as wine or chlorine.

Some benefits of waterproof floors in your spaces:

Certain areas need additional protection against water. If you do not give protection to your flooring, repairs and replacement would have a price, so why not changing that and get beautiful waterpoorf floors?

• Protect the surface against corrosive fluids, as well as other harsh elements such as sun and acid or other chemicals.
• Reduce water absorption in concrete and reduce cracking and decomposition
• Increase the longevity of the whole structure
• Save money on expensive repairs, replacement, damaged equipment, and lost time
• Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.
• Suitable for high-performance rooms
• Scratch, dent, and stain resistant

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Why are you going to love waterproof flooring from Philadelphia Flooring Solutions?

100% waterproof
Goodbye to humidity problems. The waterproof floors that we offer are provided with an innovative and waterproof coating down to the grooves, so that water cannot enter.

Enjoy your spaces without worries for years.
Thanks to the top layer many of our waterproof floors are ten times more resistant to scratches than most laminate floors. High traffic is no problem, high heels, children and their toys. These types of floors are extremely resistant.

Safer environments
With so many accidents caused by slips and trips, these type of flooring avoid tripping points and slippery surfaces, which makes them safe for anybody walking on them.

Easy to clean
These waterproof floors have a resistant surface that can be easily cleaned; you just need to follow the recommendation for each specific floor.

Natural look
Take a close look at the floor surface of the different types we have. Waterproof floors in our store look very natural and are perfect for every room in your home. The true character of the joints is in perfect balance with the design of the floor. The color, design, and structure continue right up to the joints, providing the feel of real wood.

Types of waterproof flooring for home

At Philadelphia Flooring Store we have different waterproof floors for you, we present some to you and we invite you to review our complete section to choose the one you like the most:

We have the Pryzm by Armstrong, a beautiful waterproof flooring in Salvaged Plank - White, which is also available in 20 more colors and is made for residential spaces.

We have the Rigid Core Vantag by Armstrong, with a wood look, this waterproof floor is found in 15 more colors, it is made for residential spaces.

We have the Coretec Plus 7 "Plank by COREtec, with a stylized wood look. Since COREtec Plus floors are 100% waterproof, any style in the collection can be installed in wet areas and will never swell or warp when exposed to water. We have them in 14 colors and are ideal for commercial and residential spaces.

We have the Adura Max Tile by Mannington, in 16 beautiful colors. These waterproof floors are ideal for commercial and residential spaces, meaning they resist not only moisture but also high traffic.
Luxury carpet in Philadelphia, PA from Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

About the installation…

If you decide to purchase waterproof flooring, it is not enough to simply float or glue the flooring, but all connections must also be sealed. Therefore, it is recommended to additionally seal skirting boards, joints and pipes with silicone. To avoid cracks and moisture intrusion, it is important to maintain a gap of at least 10 mm with the walls. In addition, silicone must also be added there.

Unlike normal laminate flooring, its variant for wet areas is defined by its "swelling capacity", which should not exceed 5%.