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Solid surfaces for floors and countertops for kitchens

Meta: choosing solid surfaces is a must when you want to renew your kitchen's floors and covers because they meet the requirements such as: resistance, durability, ease of cleaning and also decorative aesthetics.

The floors and countertops plays a very important role in our kitchen because we tend to spend a lot of our day in that area, which due to the traffic is constantly exposed to impacts, cuts, sudden changes in temperature, moisture and grease stains. Therefore choosing solid surfaces is a must, and that is the reason why the floors and covers have to meet some essential requirements such as: resistance, durability, ease of cleaning and also decorative aesthetics.

Fortunately, in Philadelphia Flooring Solutions we have a wide variety of solid surface materials perfect to install floors and countertops in your kitchen and make it look amazing.

Solid Surfaces are made from stone

Solid Surfaces for decoration are not something new; in fact historically there are important places where its use has been spectacular. Over time, we have learned to adapt the stones into our daily lives.

Although there are different natural stones, we usually call any material of natural origin and consistent due to its hardness and resistance, it must be taken into account that in the world of quarrying, marble and granite are natural stones but normally we use this denomination only for rocks of sedimentary origin, such as clays, sandstones, limestones, etc.

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Choosing the countertop and flooring for your kitchen

Choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen can be a difficult decision. The variety of materials and, above all, the price range can be so high that a small preliminary study is necessary if you are going to design your new kitchen or if you are considering changing the countertops or even the floors.

Among the different variables to take into account when choosing one or another option:

Aesthetics: it is important that it is compatible with the design of the kitchen you already have or with the one you plan to have, since everything must combine and make that area a beautiful and pleasant place.

Your needs: surely you have in mind an image of the kitchen you want and that is why you have hired a team to install Solid surface floors and countertops, which is not bad at all. But it is also important that what you choose can be adapted to what you really need and this is also linked to the aesthetic factor.

The price: this is an important factor since it is linked to your budget and the material you choose. Make sure you buy quality material that visually offers what you are looking for and that you can also afford. Check our store at where you will find our catalog of this material, its uses and characteristics and you can also check the cost of the work online.

Let's talk about quartz countertops for Solid Surfaces

Quartz countertops are used both for rustic environments and to provide warmth with modern and functional spaces. The resistance to abrasion and scratching of quartz are guaranteed since it is one of the most resistant in nature, they provide an extreme shine finish and a perfect polish that facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Quartz countertops are made mostly with natural quartz, one of the hardest materials on earth, and a small amount of glass or metallic elements to achieve a varied and beautiful aesthetic.
Solid surface in Philadelphia, PA from Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

Benefits of Solid Surface in quartz

• In terms of aesthetics, the options offered by quartz are almost unlimited since the colors range from white, black and brown to gold and blue tones.
• Another advantage that quartz provides is that it is not porous, so it will not absorb liquid or dust.
• It is antibacterial and it has a stain resistant texture.
• Very easy to clean and maintain.

Important: the only disadvantage we can find that it does not support high temperatures well, so open it to protect it from hot pots and pans.
There are many types of materials adaptable to your kitchen countertops, from marble, granite to wood, although the latter is not highly recommended because it tends to be damaged by humidity and remember that the kitchen is a place where we are in contact with different kinds of materials.
There are also Solid Surface materials that are perfect and adaptable to your kitchen floors, so your whole space will combine aesthetically and you will feel more comfortable.

If you decide to make a change, do not hesitate to come or make an appointment directly from our website.